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November 1, 2005, St. Johns County Public Meeting


The public meeting was held at the St. Johns County Convention Center located at the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort, 500 South Legacy Trail, St. Augustine Florida . The public meeting began at 4:00pm and concluded at 9:30 pm.† A formal presentation was shown at 4:30pm, and then repeated at 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm.† Aerial maps of the proposed corridors and information stating the need for the project was also made available. Court reporters were available for those wishing to make a comment and FDOT personnel were also available to discuss the project and answer any questions throughout the public meeting.†

Comment Results

A total of 259 persons attended the meeting.

A project brochure along with a survey and comment card were handed out to the meeting attendees. A total of 108 survey and comment cards were submitted during the meeting. An additional 33 people provided an oral comment to the court reporters. The results of the surveys and comments are as follows:

Is this project needed in the next 20 years?


*Note: Not all of the surveys returned indicated a preference.

Which of the proposed corridors do you prefer?

*Note: Includes data from the meeting only. Some respondents selected more than one route on the comment card.

Meeting Comments

Need another river crossing!! Purple or black route!†

Pink and Brown Corridor seem to go out of the way to get to where you are going. How is it cost effective (gasoline wise) to travel that far when you could travel a shorter distance by Purple and Black, to get to the same place.

I am in favor of the purple corridor since eighty percent of commuters are Jacksonville bound and south side.

Black and purple cut through established homes, school areas. Brown takes better route through nothing but ends in congested area. Pink is best choice, brings travelers out to 95 north and south most direct route, uses established bridge and existing roadway.

Keep new route away from current development and as much proposed dem as possible. This will reduce congestion on new local roads. The pink route will tend to direct traffic toward industrial development in the central part of the county. It provides both north bound and south bound commection to I-95. Excellent presentation.

Conservation facts say black is only way to go.

Will require a traffic relief due to population growth. No preference - any loop that ties in to 9B is good

Crossing at Shands is unbearable for hurricane evacuation. All traffic crosses at that location (including the St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beaches). Purp0le or black also serves crossing for beach communities. Pink corridor very disruptive to Orangedale community.

Future Address: __________ St. Augustine FL, 32092

The black or purple corridors make the most economic sense, have the least environmental impact and serve the greatest number of people, both currently and in the future. Thank you.

Make completion date target 2015. Don't bet a Katrina won't strike for 25 years.

Clay County needs to develop their city commercially and stop using St. Johns as a way to get to Jacksonville.

Favor the black or purple route more toll effective at PoPo Point. More vehicles will be served.

Please don't ruin our community of Orangedale. The sensible place woulod be at PoPo Point. Please don't listen to our county commissioners. They do not represent Orangedale.

The building of new housing is the reason for new roads. Build new roads through the middle of Fleming Island on 22 and Fruit Cove area to connect to 9B.

Please start this ASAP - why wait 20-30 years? It is needed now. Make it a toll road system to help fund it. Put Florida turnpike in charge of collecting funds and floating bonds.

Make direct connect to 95 from current Shands Bridge and interchanges to be kept at a minimum. Prefer pink route as there is 3 interchanges and will not impact homes and future developments.

B/C it is the least expensive and most direct route and splits the difference (distance) between the existing bridges (Shands and Buckman). Issue: Too much traffic going up US17

The decision is not easy but future growth and needs require some action/development. This project must look at these needs carefully and it must balance it with environmental concerns to minimize habitat destruction or major disruption to local native flora and fauna.

Would love to see progress sooner than later.

Why would you build a bridge where there already is a bridge. The new bridge should be north of the existing Shands Bridge.

The pink route is the only route that should persued. The other routes run too close to existing/planned developments.

Concern about property values

Add third bridge location -not just replace Shands

The black corridor will serve more people. Second choice purple.

Taking too close to some subdivisions droping home prices.

This project would affect too many homes and schools if any corridor besides pink was chosen.

St. Johns County does not want to be a doormat to Duval County

Would prefer black more if northern section was a little further north above Cimarrone. Pink route is probably my first choice.
Concerned about traffic on 210

I commend you for using multiple means of communicating the pros and cons of various options. Personally, I prefer the pink plan as the least disruptive to current and planned neighborhoods, however, I doubt if I'll be here in 20 years so the choice won't impact me.

I personally do not need another bridge as I am retired.

Any corridor other than the pink corridor will place too much traffic on CR210. All other corridors will also still leave the Shands Bridge servicing more traffic than the 120% capapcity it runs at today in peak hours. I.E., something will still have to be done to the Shands

I like the north and south connectors to I-95.†

Black is aligned to best support the population concentrations.†

We need more connecting roads to escape in case of a hurricane coming our way. Nice presentation!†

Build with the black corridor and keep Shands Bridge for local use.†

Avoids impacts near our subdivision†

To serve traffic it is logical to build a new bridge rather than just rebuild the Shands Bridge. A new bridge would help with evacuation pruposes.

†I vote for the pink corridor as we do not need traffic near 210 as we have grown and still growing and do not need more traffic.†

Fix problems now - don't wait!!†

Pink route is the best!! It is the only true outer loop and will relieve traffic congestion better than any other route with the fewest disruptions. Other routes come too close to schools. **Thank you for this meeting format!!†

The pink corridor would be far less disruptive to existing and planned residential and commercial development! This corridor connects directly with I-95 at a location that would not further compound traffic congestion that other corridor locations will.

With current growth projections along Greenbriar and 210 (developments) better to direct traffic south at around to 95 to accommodate future growth with less direct impact on existing developments.†

We cannot allow the local minority to pick the corridor. We need a third bridge between the Shands and the Buckman Birdge. A new bridge at the Shands location will still leave a 15 mile gap between bridges. That is not a long term solution.

Although the "Pink route" is a little more expensive than the brown route, its impace to the majority of St. Johns homeowners in the area is less than all the other routes.†

Are there any plans for light and rapid rail commuter systems planned along with the highway improvements? Meeting was very informative, Thank You.†

My only problem with black is the wetlands acreage involved but the cost would be O.K. Keep Shands Bridge no matter what final corridor is need to have a southerly SR13 access to bridge for local trffic. Black makes the most sense for acccess to 95/9B/9a for St. John's County residents based on approved and planned DRI. Plan now or you will have to later.†

Issue: My only problem with black is the wetlands acreage involved, but the cost would be ok.†

Economic development, serve traffic†

Purple corridor will serve the greatest number of people at the least cost (i.e., it's efficient and effective).

Using the Shands Bridge is the simple and obvious choice, the rest of the route is the most direct. The Shands Bridge already has right of way and property allotments. Many fewer properties would be harmed or interrupted by using this same route.†

Excellent Presentation.†

Please don't let special interests (i.e., St. Joe) dictate where to cross the river. I want some assurance that the idiotic idea the St. Johns commissioners came up with (the modified pink route) will never be considered by the FDOT as any kind of viable alternatives to what is already proposed.†

I am very concerned that special interests, i.e., St. Joe will have the greatest input. They do not live here. The land at PoPo Point can be purchased now with no disruption.

This pink corridor is NECESSARY and must be built! Whatever corridor is chose, No build is NOT an option! A true evacuation route is needed and the pink corridor would promote economic development in southern Clay County.

Black corridor best serves the areas of new growth and also provides a true outer beltway.†

I would like to have a color copy (either printable E-mail or hard copy) of the slides used in the presentation. This would allow me to better discuss and explain the need for a solution to this transportation problem in the reasonable future.†

Black corridor gives best options to flow with interstate system.†

Pink route only!!!!†

If you decide on the pink or brown corridors use the existing Shands Bridge or build a new one and tear down the old one. However, I prefer the black corridor and leave the Shands intact.

Need new bridge close to our south of old Shands due to mass building on St. Rd. 16 and 16A areas. We need new bridge now for bad hurricanes.†

DOT put the road where is going to get most use now, not 50 years from now. North of Green Cove Springs, only place to go. Wherever you put new road will hurt someone.†

The pink bridge is needed.†

Pink route is the only route that has large support on both sides of the river and meets both counties comp. plans.

I support the pink route only!†

I prefer the pink alignment. Less disruption to existing development.†

Great presentation. Thank you.

Hi, my name is __________. It is my opinion that the Purple Corridor should be built since most of the traffic is commuting to Jacksonville and the Southside.†

Thank you My name is __________. I really prefer the Black or purple, because the roads that are coming Ė the people who are coming down 210 are also coming from Ponte Vedra and the Beaches. And the time that I had to evacuate for Hurricane Floyd, I couldnít get across the Shands Bridge because everybody came from that direction to cross at that location, including the people from the Beaches and Ponte Vedra.†

And, you know, that would giveóeither Black or Purple would give them an outlet to cross the river in another place rather than just at the Shands Bridge area.†

And, also, the price is lower to build the bridge there at the Purple-point area. And, also, it impacts a lot less wetlands, or zero wetlands. It has less impact to the area compared to the other locations. Conservation wetlands for Purple and Black is zero, and for the other ones it was 12.2.

†I guess thatís it. Thank you.†

Iím __________, and my address is __________, Green Cove Springs. That puts my mailbox right just east of the city limits of Penney Farms.†

Iím 69 years old. Iíve lived here all my life. Iíve watched all of this growth coming at us. We do not need a highway at this time south of Green Cove.†

Your Brown and Black routes are where the people are, where itís going to get the most usage when itís built in the next 25 years, if possible, not where theyíre gonna Ėdonít put the road where itís going to be in 50 years from now, south of Green Cove. No matter where you put the highway, itís gonna hurt someone.†

Thank you.†

Oh, DOT please make up your minds as to where youíre going to put it. Iím going to be too old to go to all these meetings, if you donít make up your mind pretty soon.†

Thank you.

My name is ___________. And I only support the Pink route. The traffic on 210 is already very congested. We donít need an expressway there. We cannot even make an appointment at the doctorís in the morning because we cannot - - the only way to make an appointment is in the afternoon, because the traffic in the morning, it takes about 45 minutes from Cimmaron to get to 95.†

We do not want the Purple route, either, because that would bring that expressway to Cimmaron, and we do not need that.†

My name is __________. I would like to make a statement on my opinions of the bridge project. The Purple Corridor looks to me as if itís probably the least of the impacts. There are a few environmental issues.†

We do understand that there will be more people moving to the St. Johns County area, so thatís going to impact the environment anyways.†

If it is feasible to do the Black Corridor, that would certainly aid, or assist, in more people moving from the west to the east, southeast and northeast.

†Itís my understanding that both the Purple and the Black will eventually meet up with the Brannon Field-Chaffee Road interchange which will go to I-10, therefore allowing people to bypass the Jacksonville area to some degree and heading to the south on 95.†

I would like to see a better, more in-depth study on the wetlands, the conservation and just the environmental and ecological impacts that there will be.†

And I think thatís it.†

My name is ___________. And I would like to put in a request that you-all support the Pink Corridor, because weíve go so many Ė so much traffic in our area now that it takes, from our house to 95, it takes 35 to 40 minutes to get on 95.†

And, of course, I know theyíre not interested in it, but I wish the police would come and direct the traffic in the mornings, because if you have a doctorís appointment or have to go to work, itís too bad. Because the traffic is so bad, we canít hardly get out of our driveway.

We're not here to argue about the alternative crossings, so we feel comfortable going ahead and making our statement in advance because our issue is a little bit different than those of the residents from St. Johns and Clay County. I'm from Putnam County.†

The Putnam County crossing issue for us is an old one, and that is the Shands Bridge has for decades been an impediment to economic development in our county. We're here because we feel like this is an opportunity to tell the Department of Transportation what a problem that bridge has been for us.†

I think that people in perhaps St. Johns and Clay County are unaware of the fact that our economy has been impacted by that bridge.†

Every bridge on the St. Johns River is a minimum of 65-feet high or higher, oftentimes much higher, or it has a -- in the case of the bridge at Astor, there's a drawbridge.†

The only bridge that's an impediment to shipping is the Shands Bridge, which is only 45-feet high. That may seem like a lot, but when you're talking about commercial shipping, many vessels require more height than that in order to get underneath it.†

I'd like to give you some examples if I could. We've had several shipbuilding businesses in our county that, because we're actually a good location for ship building, we have good facilities and we have a lot of trained labor, and so a number of companies have gone into ship building in our county. But because of the Shands Bridge and for other things, they haven't been able to be successful.

Offshore Ship Building, which was a major employer at one time in our county, when they built ships and when the ship was finished and ready to be delivered, they had to put welders on the top of most of their ships. When they got to the Shands Bridge, they actually had to weld off the superstructure. The stocks and the piping and the other types of decking and railing had to be welded off in order to get the ships, the new ships that were ready for delivery, underneath the bridge, and then they would weld them back on. And obviously that's an inefficient way to do business.†

We have a major employer in our county. It's called PDM Bridge, Inc. They're located at 211 Comfort Road in Palatka, Florida. They are a major employer and they are currently in our community. I talked to the general manager there just today about how the Shands Bridge affects their business. PDM Bridge, as the name implies, they build bridges. They're a steel components manufacturer. And their current contracts that they're working on, they are shipping bridge components out by barge on the St. Johns River.†

Unfortunately, the tallest components are 37 feet. When you add the depth of the barge to that, they're just barely able to get under the bridge, so I guess you could say they're unaffected at the present time.†

But what the general manager told me is that they are not able to bid on some of the bridge projects because, if those components are any higher, they can't get them under the Shands Bridge, and so the height of the Shands Bridge is limiting their ability to seek to manufacture other types of bridge components. So that's another example.†

And then just from a slightly less economic point of view, there are some recreational sailboats that have masts that are more than 45-feet high. They can't come through. And that affects our tourist traffic, and part of our economy is tourism, its marinas encouraging people to come and visit our community by boat, and they can't do it. Even some tour boats are not able to come in because of the height of the bridge.

I want to finish by reminding the Department of Transportation a little bit about the history of Palatka.†

Palatka may seem like a small community today, but actually in the 1800s it was one of the larger thriving seaports.†

Seagoing vessels came to the port of Palatka in the 1800s, and that can be proved through anecdotal evidence because we have photographs of the tall-masted schooners, back when they went by wind power, coming from ports like Boston to Palatka to deliver cargo and to pick up goods for transshipment, things like, for example, citrus to northern markets.†

So we have historically in the past been a seagoing port. I'm not suggesting that seagoing vessels are going to come back to Palatka, but whoever put that Shands Bridge in made a horrible mistake by overlooking the history and the cultural heritage of Palatka and also the communities south of Palatka all the way to the headwaters of the St. Johns River. Nobody is able to get past that bottleneck unless they're under 45 feet, whether they're from Palatka or Welaka or Astor or any of the other communities, Sanford. I mean, it goes all the way down. They're not able to access the St. Johns River, which could be a major commercial waterway if it wasn't for the Shands Bridge.†

So I'll finish by suggesting to the Department of Transportation that you consider not just the needs of Clay and St. Johns Counties, but in considering the needs of Putnam and the other counties south of Putnam, we would like to see the Shands Bridge removed and a higher bridge built in its place.†

Thank you.†

My name is __________. I live in Shands Landing, on Shane Court, by the Shands Bridge. Iím obviously against the routes that come across the Shands Bridge. I am for the black route. I think thatís the best one. And I sure hope the commissioners will get some sense in their heads and vote for the right route and vote for the appropriate one.

†Thank you.

First of all, my name is __________. I live at __________, in Green Cove Springs.†

And, my personal feeling is, for safety reasons and for evacuation and, also, for the opportunities for the bases, for our reserve base, thatís over on Highway 16, the Black opportunity would be the best.†

Number one is, it would give you several different opportunities to get across the bridge. And as the growth happens, youíve got a leg that goes to the north and one goes to the south for evacuation purposes. What that would give them is double opportunity to get away from Flagler County, which is the number one Ė or one of the top growing counties, and St. Johns County, and to get away for evacuation.†

And, also, in a national crisis, it would give an opportunity for a staging point at Camp Blanding, and, therefore, people could come as reserves from all over and go either south on 95 or go to the north on 95, either way.†

Now, another issue that I look at by why we need to act so quickly, number one, itís more important to get one s tar t ed, regardless of which one it is. And the reason is, that something thatóthat the prices are going up for the land, for the cost of the Ėfor the roads, the construction.†

Another issue is for security, with the weather. Weíre in a stage now that weíre looking that it will probably be maybe 20 years down the road by the time we get something opened up, and thereís a high probability that there will be some great emergency before that time.†

So I personally believe that the Black one would be most suitable. The number-one reason is, is if youíre in an emergency situation, youíve got the opportunity to grow because of the 500-foot width at the bridge, to grow the bridge.†

And so what that does, it takes the opportunity to Ė youíre almost getting ahead. You never get ahead of the growth rate. But that gives us the opportunity to double up on the bridge as itís necessary for a lesser cost in the future. So thatís why I say the Black is probably the most important issue. I feel that the Black Corridor would be more useful. It would save miles. I think some of the other corridors are too far south. You'd have to go too far out of your way to get back into Duval County.†

And I think going across the Popo Point makes sense because it's shorter to get across the river, and gives more access to people from Fleming Island. I think they would be able to come and use the bridge more than go back to the Buckman Bridge.†

And also having the other access going south to 95 gives you other options and diverts more traffic, and I think it will also save gas and time. I think it's a very good idea.†

Thank you.†

I'd like to add that the sooner the better on the project, because I drive across the Buckman Bridge two times a day, and it is so scary. It's so scary just to have to drive during work traffic with that.†

My preference for the river crossing location is Popo Point; the Black Corridor, in other words.†

In light of the Katrina hurricane in Louisiana, I would like to see, whatever corridor is chosen, that the completion date be set for 2015. I think it's a real public safety issue, and the greater Jacksonville area cannot be evacuated successfully on its own, much less if there is a mass exodus from South Florida in the event of a hurricane threat to that area of the state.†

So, briefly speaking, I think the Popo Point is the best location. I think the date ought to be accelerated. I also think that by coming across at Popo Point the Shands Bridge can continue to serve local interests for another 30 or 50 years.

My main concern is this modified Pink route that the St. Johns County Commissioners came up with at one of their meetings, and it's a real idiotic plan, and I notice it's not part of the presentation here tonight.

I want some assurance that that modified Pink route that the commissioners seemed to push for will never be under consideration by the FDOT. It's something they just thought up, and the FDOT has nothing to do with it.†

That's my main comment.†

I favor the Pink Corridor. I think it will be less congestion, less upset to the community. And that's what I want.†

After reviewing the literature that has been made available to me, as well as the graphics at this meeting site, I would think that there would be little choice other than utilization of the proposed Pink route as the bypass for Jacksonville to Clay and St. Johns Counties.†

I think that it would open up territory for economic development, for residential development, and probably as important, it would intersect Interstate 95 at a location that would not compound traffic congestion that the other corridor junction would.†

So I want to propose utilization of the Pink Corridor.†

Thank you.†

Please select either the purple or black corridors as they will provide more assistance and help for the Buckman Bridge.

My name is __________. And I have a question concerning the Purple and Brown Corridors in comparison to the new proposed Black Corridor. Why isnít there a modified Pink or, I guess, Brown Corridor to be similar to the Black Corridor where you have two access roads to 95, as shown in the Black Corridor?†

Maybe there should be a third southerly river crossing proposal that would have a similar connection to 95 as the Black Corridor shows with two accesses.†

Right now, the southerly access has only the southerly river crossing only has one connection to 95 for St. Augustine, in Pink, or the Brown connection to 95 at 9B.†

I think there should be maybe a third proposal to study one, again, similar to the right side of the Black Corridor, where they have two accesses to 95.†

And my address is ___________, Jacksonville 32259.†

Hi. My name is __________. I just wanted to voice my support for the Pink Corridor just due to the fact that a lot of people from í95 use these roads to get across the bridge. Of course, itís Shands Bridge at the moment. And thatís really the only option that I see that will service both north and south as well as not take up land that has already been developed.†

And alternatively, I would say if I had to take a second option, that the Purple would be the way to go.†

And thatís it.†

Yes, my name is __________. Iím interested in the Black Corridor. I like the fact that it replaces the Shands Bridge, and thereís a north and a south route to 95.†

Thatís it.†

__________ The comment Iíd like to make is that I think the proposed Black route offers the best mix of efficiency, shorter route time and gives greater access to the great amount of population as well as taking strain off the Buckman Bridge. And it seems to me like the logical choice.†

That is it.

__________ Well, we are for the Popo Point bridge crossing, because it would Ė the wetlands, it would not affect as much wetland area. Also, itís lower cost to build; and it would provide another bridge crossing from the Ėrather than just the Shands and the Buckman, it would provide another bridge crossing. Thatís the one we want.†

We have lived in Orangedale for 18 years, and we like the Orangedale Community and, are opposed to the Pink Corridor and the Brown, because it would basically destroy the Orangedale Community. It goes right through the housing development eventually.†

My name is __________. I live at __________ in Switzerland, Florida. And Iíd like to say that the Ėfrom what Iíve seen so far, there is absolutely no necessity for a bridge to support the needs of the residential northwest St. Johns County. But if a bridge must be build I strongly support the Pink Corridor.†

However, there may be some adjustments that could possibly be made to that corridor such like the Black Corridor where it provides two roadways to both intersections with State Road 9B extension and to Interstate 95. That would probably relieve some of the traffic needs on I-95 and mitigate the need for Ė to eight-landing I-95, which is a suggestion.†

Thatís about it.

My name is __________ and Iím speaking as the chairperson for the William Bartram Scenic and Historic Highway, and also I am speaking as a private citizen. I live in Switzerland at ___________†

My letter to Mr. Ghani and the Department of Transportation, the Florida Department of Transportation, Iíd like to read to you.

†ďThe proposed St. Johns River Crossing at Popo Point will be a total disaster for our entire area of Switzerland and Fruit Cove.†

The river crossing would impose many adversal effects and conditions to the area. Such as, presently, we have a good quality of life in Switzerland and Fruit Cove. However, the river crossing at Popo Point would change all this. The adverse effect would be pollution of our air and the St. Johns River.†

The historical archeological natural resources, natural fishery of Popo Point would be adversely affected. Transportation would have congestion there in our area. Historical 300-year-old oaks surrounding the Popo Point area would be adversely impacted. The residential neighborhoods of our area would be adversely impacted. The schools and proposed Ė six schools proposed for the future would be adversely affected by this bridge.†

Recreational fishing at Hallowes Cove would be adversely affected, because its natural fishery produces so many species: fish and shrimp and crab that this river crossing would adversely impact this natural fishery at Popo Point in Hallowes Cove.†

I am in support of the river crossing on the Pink route going into 95 and the Brown route going into 95. If they could be combined together, that would be a wonderful route into 95. And it would be to everybodyís advantage of getting from the Brannon/Chaffee Road to 95.†

Thank you very much.

My name is __________, and Iíve been concerned about where the road was going to go. And we prefer the corridor that comes just north of Green Cove Springs and across the river there just before you get to Black Creek. That would be more feasible for the people off of Ėfrom Flemming island and back that way.†

Thereís more people there that goes back into -Ėacross the river than there is actually south of town.†

So I think it would be a better deal there. Plus, I think that it would take less of peopleís property that has large areas of property out in the Penny Farms area.†

My name is __________. I live in the Orangedale community in St. Johns County. And in reviewing the alternatives for the bridge crossing, I think the first and foremost item to consider is that we definitely need a third crossing between Shands Bridge and the Buckman Bridge, which would place the next logical crossing at Popo Point.†

In looking at the cost factor, the Popo Point crossings seem to have an advantage. As well as looking at the cost per volume across the St. Johns River, the cost per volume is significantly less when you look at both the Purple and the Black crossings.†

I also think thereís a great advantage in the Black crossing, in having a southern corridor, which would provide grater access for people coming from the south on 95 as well as those coming from northwest St. Johns County into Clay County that are heading south on 95. Appreciate the opportunity.

†__________, and I am for the Black route primarily for it not to go through Orangedale. I feel like our commissioners have not supported us at all and really havenít done any investigation on the homes that theyíre going to ruin and take away from the city itself, the town itself.†

The Black route is going to go to Popo Point, which currently there are no homes. And I feel that the homes that may be in the way of this route will not be affected as if it were to come through Orangedale.

My name is __________. I live in Clay County. And I highly object to the format the FDOT is using presently because it does not let the public converse with each other. The DOT brings you in a room, lets you listen to their presentation, but they do not want any reiteration back on your part, so the people cannot hear other peopleís views.†

The DOT wants you to write a comment, but nobody will ever hear those comments except the DOT. Itís supposed to be a public hearing, but the public is not hearing anything. The DOT is telling the public, and thatís basically it.†

And I can say that this meeting concept is bad. And Iíve probably attended every meeting the DOT has had on this project, and this is the worst one theyíve ever had. There is no public feedback. And the guy next door said: We donít want public feedback. You can send us a card of talk to a court reporter. Thatís not how the public is informed.†

__________, I live on County Road 210. And I built a home out there 25 years ago. And when I built it, there was three homes from my home to 95. Now thereís three golf courses, three gas stations; and it take me, in the morning if I have to go out at 7:00 to 8:00k it takes me 20 minutes to go three miles. And thatís getting worse every day, and Iím for the Pink Corridor. Okay.†

Iím __________. I live at __________ in St. Johns County. Iím in favor of the Pink Corridor for numerous reasons.†

One, I believe it provides the only true outer beltway for the Brannon Field/Chaffee Road to I-90 interstate. I also believe it has the least impact on the existing schools and residential communities around the County Road 210 area. It also provides the most efficient means to 95 in connecting to the Orange Park area.†

I believe the Pink Corridor will also better support the future growth of both Clay and St. Johns Counties. And for these reasons, I think the Pink corridor is the logical reasonable choice.†

__________ My suggestions are for the Black Corridor, because from my research from what Iíve been reading on the Internet and Iíve heard at these meetings, that it is typically your cheaper route. And it goes the furthest, you know, it impacts the least amount of people and will carry more people back to 95 quicker than the other routes.

My name is __________ I think we need to stop talking about 25 or 30 years and we need to look at 50 years. There are two river crossings available right now. But 50 years from now, weíll need two river crossings. If we donít take advantage of the opportunity at this time to do the further north route, that opportunity will be lost forever.†

Basically, both crossings will eventually be needed, so build the Purple or the Black route now. Or the Purple, and add the Black later, if necessary. And then when thereís a need to replace the Shands Bridge, 25 or 30 years from now, another crossing with a new bridge can be added to meet traffic demands at that time.†

Thank you.

My name is __________. And I think that the best route for both Clay and St. Johns Counties and Duval would be the purple or the Black routes.†

I think the Purple route would save the taxpayers money, would increaseóexcuse meódecrease the commuting time of both the residents of St. Johns and Clay Counties. It would probably lessen the development of land along the Ióalong State Road 13.†

Thatís it.†

Could you provide a summary view (superimposed) of all the corridors in one view. Also, would be good to see the future development projects (Rivertown) on them as well so you can see impact/growth to those as well.

My name is __________. I live in St. Johns County. I am commenting in favor of the Black or the Purple route, because I think we need an additional river crossing, not concentrating on the traffic back to the Shands Bridge.†

I say this because during hurricane evacuations, it took me eight hours to go four miles to try to cross over the Shands Bridge. And I think if we donít put another river crossing in north, youíre going to have all the new developments north of the Shands Bridge, driving south to the Shands Bridge across, in addition to people donít live south of Shands Bridge driving north to Shands Bridge. And, therein, we will have a big congested area again.†

So Iím saying that we need to do either the Purple or Black route in order to provide another evacuation route across there to cross the river.†

Purple and black corridors have a greater social impact and cost more $ per foot. A true other beltway would be the pink route. Black and purple routes will only further stress localroads that are at over capacity now.†

I was taken back that the existing Shands Bridge has not been taken into consideration regardless of which route is chosen. The speaker stated that "We have come to any conclusion of what to do with the bridge." I feel that the counties prefer the pink.†

Right of way costs are too low thru St. Johns County†

This project is definitely needed. I think the main concern should be traffic congestion. Money is a factor, but this project is so large it would be best to not consider saving money the top priority.†

1. Black (and purple) would help unsolved traffic needs of NW St. Johns County††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

2. Black would give additional bridge for evacuation†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

3. Black would connect population areas to better than others†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

4. Usage would pay for toll bridge far more at slack route

Mine will be short. I'm representing the Putnam County Commission, and we passed a resolution regarding this.†

Will you want me to read the resolution, or just give you a copy?†

COURT REPORTER: If you want it on the record, go ahead and read it.†

__________: Okay.†

WHEREAS, the navigable waters of the Lower and Middle River Basins of the St. Johns River lying south of State Road 16 near Green Cove Springs and extending southerly into the Lower and Middle River Basins have historically been accessed by tall-masted ships; and†

WHEREAS, since the construction of the Shands Bridge such access has been denied due to the height of the bridge; and†

WHEREAS, ship-building industries and other types of maritime, commercial and tourism development have been limited in the areas lying south of the Shands Bridge due to the height of the bridge; and†

WHEREAS, all bridges north of Sanford have a navigational vertical clearance of between 65 and 160 feet with the sole exception of the Shands Bridge at 45 feet; and†

WHEREAS, the Florida Department of Transportation has recently announced that it will hold a series of public meetings, beginning in January 2004, for the purpose of receiving public comment concerning the future of river crossings connecting Clay and St. Johns Counties; and†

WHEREAS, during these public meetings, the Department of Transportation will be soliciting comments concerning the reconstruction and expansion of the Shands Bridge, or possibly construction of a new bridge†

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that it is the sense of the Putnam County Board of County Commissioners that the Shands Bridge as currently constructed is an impediment to economic and tourism development to the areas of the St. Johns River lying south of this bridge, and that the bridge ought to be reconstructed or replaced with a new bridge that will be built to a minimum navigational vertical clearance of 65 feet.

And that's signed by our chairman at the time. I'll leave you a copy.

I also represent the St. Johns River Alliance. This group is composed of the 13 counties up and down the St. Johns River, and they passed a similar resolution, not suggesting which way a bridge should be built, but that any new bridge that is built, that consideration be given for the height of that bridge.†

I think that the DOT in their presentation say that they want to look beyond the pavement, and certainly they need to look at the water below and its importance to navigation for all the counties.†

Thank you†

The pink route is strongly supported. Is there a possibility that the crossing could be a little further south?

Issue: Very close to major residential developments; high number of relocations.†

A greater importance is the money involved. You need to communicate that better. Also a provision should be made that all residential areas within 1000 feet of the affected area should be guaranteed noise prevention barriers.†

Purple route is the best value - significant corridor volume, least cost, least environmental impact.†

Black route connects most heavily populated areas and connects to 9B and I-95. Issue: St Johns River Crossing I think there should be no bridge; however, if need, I feel the black route is best. It will go through PoPo Point where no homes will be taken away or lives turned upside down. Don't let the developers make up your mind. I feel that folks are not going to go south to go north. Time and money will not solve this.†

Please do not bring traffic up into area using the purple, black, or brown routes. This would be a disaster for our community. Send traffic directly over to I-95, away from our community and schools.

I basically moved here in September in Cimmaron. Had I known that three out of these four proposals was going to have a major highway going 400 feet from my community, I would not have moved into Cimmaron. I think itís going to cause a lot of traffic on 210.

For the residents who live in Cimmaron, no matter what they do, it is going to be noisy. Weíd have a major highway within 400 feet from our backyards Ė especially in the evening. Itís going to affect my property values. And as I said, I never would have moved here, absolutely not. I was looking at property on the beaches and I would have gone there.†

The only route that does not go near Cimmaron is the Pink route, and the Pink route is the only route that I notice doesnít connect to 9A.†

I really would like to know when they go forward are they even going to take into consideration a community thatís been here longer than any of the other communities on 210.†

Those are my comments. And if somebody wants to call me at __________ and discuss this with me further, Iíd be real happy; because Iím really concerned.†

Thank you so much for your time.†

Turn down the bass and turn up the treble on the presentation.†

Sharp informative presentation. Plenty of opportunity to get additional information in display area - obviously begging for feedback. After the presentation one person stood up to complain about the format -lack of opportunity to hear peer comments. I strongly disagree: If people need to hear impassioned diatribes in order to know what to think, they should perhaps not be sharing their opinions.

I feel confident enough that routes have been altered to meet public concerns to date that I trust the process to select the most prudent solution. (Maybe purple - least conservation/wetland impact, flood plain involvement, cost). Issue: Format: Good.†

If possible, would like 50 copies of project handouts to use in classroom environmental issues discussions. Environmental Science Teacher.

1. As a resident of northwest St. Johns County, I have not been convinced of the need of the bridge for NW St Johns County - but†

2. I strongly support the PINK route as it has minimum impact on the scenic area I live in.†

3. However, if an additional leg (like the black route) could be added, traffic can be split to 9B and 95 in St. Johns County.†

The presentation should have been made in 1 or 2 meetings max. so people can hear others comments and ideas. This is not allowing to group people in favor or not of project and ideas. Spreading out in little groups really makes it easy for county to avoid public discussions.†

Purple or black are best alternatives. In addition to the evacuation routes from the north central and south, St. Johns county, the beches and Ponte Vedra (Sawgrass etc.) also cross at Shands Bridge. They could more directly evacuate at PoPo Point and leave Shands area to the South Central and Central (West) part of county. Purple costs less and has no conservation lands affected. Black is better also due to 2 connection routes to north and south highways.†

I need to get copies of all proposed corridors of this project 24X36 color copies. Please call me.

Pink route only†

The purple route had always seemed the most reasonable to all issues; however, I really like the idea of having 2 access to 95. That way traffic can move north and south with ease.†

I believe that the black corridor is the most acceptable option for many reasons. The cost and impact will be the least with this corridor. This corridor has been revised and the added 95 connection has raised original cost (this could be left in original form to keep cost low). I believe that a toll should be charged regardless of what corridor is chosen to offset the cost.†

My choice is based on the route that is least circuitous for evacuation purposes. NO MAILING LISTS PLEASE.

Economic development is a bogus issue devised to cover the elected officials as they protect ARVIDA and their River Town project!! It makes me sad to see no more integrity than to bow to their pressure!! The bridge needs to serve the residents who will live in the area once it is completed and cause as little damage to existing residents as possible. The concerns of a development, with no live residents, is of little value!!!

Major concern is how routes will impact 20-30 schools that will be build in next 20 years and traffic congestion associated with exit/entrance points. Any route that connects with 9B/Racetrack Road should be rejected. That intersection w/o bridge connection will be congested as soon as it is completed. This will be especially true, I believe, in the event of hurricane evacuation. I would think that the traffic models would confirm my supposition on both above points.†

Growth in St. Johns County will occur - the question always is how fast. The bridge, if built, will benefit, primarily Clay County but largest impact will be in St. Johns County.†

For the next 25 years, a purple or black route makes the most economic, utilitarian, and ecological sense. For the following 25 years another crossing at the Shands location can be added. Both crossings will eventually be needed, so build the purple or black now while it still can be and add Shands later.

Issue: Build at Popo Point now, or the opportunity will be lost†

The crossing is needed by Clay residents working in Jacksonville and St. Johns Co. They need a crossing further north than the Shands Bridge.†

Strongly support pink corridor. Planned now and executed ASAP will truly provide for growth and community expansion thus won't be out of date when completed.†

Issue: Future development and economic growth and expansion for traffic†

Why build a bridge beside a bridge?†

The Black Route offers more value both in lowering traffic on the Buckman Bridge and providing a bypass for travelers going from I10 to I75 to south Florida. It also will go through land not yet developed and certainly will be less disruptive to local residents. It will also cost less to build and more cars will be able to utilize it.

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