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November 3, 2005, Clay County Public Meeting


The public meeting was held at the Clay County Fairgrounds located at 2497 State Road 16 West, Green Cove Springs, Florida. The public meeting began at 4:00pm and concluded at 9:30 pm.† A formal presentation was shown at 4:30pm, and then repeated at 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm and 8:30pm.† Aerial maps of the proposed corridors and information stating the need for the project was also made available. Court reporters were available for those wishing to make a comment and FDOT personnel was also available to discuss the project and answer any questions throughout the public meeting.†

Comment Results

A total of 317 persons attended the meeting.

A project brochure along with a survey and comment card were handed out to the meeting attendees. A total of 183 survey and comment cards were submitted during the meeting. An additional 34 people provided an oral comment to the court reporters. The results of the surveys and comments are as follows:

Is this project needed in the next 20 years?


*Note: Not all of the surveys returned indicated a preference.

Which of the proposed corridors do you prefer?

*Note: Includes data from the meeting only. Some respondents selected more than one route on the comment card.

Meeting Comments

Should have been started 30 years ago.

Would like to see bridge in pink corridor. Have livedhere for 53 years. PLEASE?

Thank you for addressing the issue.

Provide interchanges at all existing roadways in C lay County including Sand Ridge Road (739B) and 739. Eliminate interchange at future CR215 bypass if required - future Saratoga Springs can provide access to these proposed interchanges.

We have a good area for a bridge at the Shands location. We need the highway to 95. The pink corridor will benefit our community and take fewer homes and scenic property in the area.

At this point I think I favor the purple for convienience of traffic around Penney Farms where I live in the Penney Retirement Community†††††††††††††† Issue: concerned about traffic on Rte 16 through Penney Farms,I† need to study the alternatives more

Purple route first, followed shortly thereafter by the "black" extension to 95. Excellent way of handling this type of presentation. I wish we would have thought of this while I was working on similar types of projects in Georgia for many years before I retired here.

Excellent presentation - very informative. DOT attempts to involve public is outstanding.

Road will not help with commercial or industrial development or tie I-10 to I-95 in a resolvable manner. Purpose of road has apparently changed. Now the DOT is proposing a 4-lane toll - residential STREET!

This bridge is not needed north of Green Cove Springs, you will be taking valuable commerical, non replaceable property.

Issue: Clark Road is located near the Clay County side of existing bridge.

Please -THINK PINK!!! It just makes more sense!

Please do it right the first time. Cheap is not the least costly over the life of the project.

We need this road before 20 years and the St Johns River need another bridge.

Well presented and easy to follow the various plans. I am not particularly affected by the proposal except for the major interchanges.

Would help traffic problem in Orange Park. Would give Eagle harbor area an alternate route to work. Good access to 95 South.

Issue: Access from CR 739 and CR 739B to interchange at CR 739B

Issue: Access from 739B onto interchange

Noise! Noise barriers should be included from the outset of this project. This major highway will be cutting through mainly rural, quiet areas - noise barriers will also protect the wildlife that this major highway will be disupting! Much better maps at this presentation - more detailed. Thank you. This format for the presentation was much better than previous ones - not as chaotic! The staff were very helpful too - thank you!

Black/Brown/Pin/Purple - every route crosses the same point near my home so I have no preference.

Pink route best serves long term strategic needs of the communities. Facilitates job creation, industrial-commercial development, least disruption of existing residential areas.

Brown is the only logical choice.

Advocate brown corridor - to include 16 west for evacuation as well as I-10. Also great need for mass transportation!!

Cost wise is the way to go - less taxes.

Use Shands Bridge. Pink - with tie-in to I-95 also to 9B as in brown.

Would be best to keep this traffic maze south of downtown Green Cove.

Bridge over the St. Johns near our home would destroy value, oppose purple corridor.

More PR and info dispersed to media. Issue: Environment and finances

Newspapers should often have constant updates on this project as well as TV/radio - all media. Also more scheduled meetings with the public.

Shands Bridge corridor would be less costly with donated lands available.

Don't hold the Shands Bridge hostage. It is unsafe at any speed.. Four lane it now. Beat the developers to the punch - be proactive - you snooze you loose.

Do not build on Mitchell's Road; Send 11/17 purple #5

Excellent presentation - glad to learn that the Shands Bridge will remain. Would like info on any economic impact studies on the adjacent properties to the Clay County projected intersections.

Possible land locked. This concerns me greatly!

Buy my land and house

I would like to see the roads improved with the least loss to home owners and their families. This is an agricultural zone now. I do not want to see it as a heavily congested roadway.

Issue: It appears that the Black goes through our residence of 27 years, my children were born here & being raised here

I enjoy feeding the Florida panther in my back yard. The eagles are building a nest as wellÖdid I mention we had scrub jays!††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Issue: Own home in newly established neighborhood

Pink corridor would provide better potential for economic growth and allow for less disruption of existing communities.

Just bought a new home and like the peaceful neighbors and homes in our area.

Go pink!

If you already have right of way at Shands it should be used.

The roads should be built as far south as possible to better provide for growth in the future.

I recently bought a home in Five Oaks and will be significantly affected if the black or purple route is chosen. The pink route impacts less people in established communities. Green Cove Springs would benefit economically from the pink route. Also would rather have trucks going south of Green Cove Springs. My home is less than a year old and would sit right next to a bypass. If it was not taken for the project then the resale value is gone. Our small neighborhood (54 lots) has quickly grown into a caring community of neighbors that look out for each other. Most of us know each other by name. I would hate to see this destroyed.

Issue: Opposition to black or purple corridor.

If you don't take my house, the interchange will run in my back yard. Please use the brown or pink route.Issue: Home value being destroyed by the black or purple route

I feel like I work my whole life to get a nice home and have a major possiblity of being destroyed or devalued. I am trying to live the American dream and it is being stripped away.†

Issue: Home being devalued by the black or purple route.

Use Shands Bridge Corridor. No new obstructions to navigational or increased destruction to river.

On the black like the 2nd extension to I-95 as well as 9B to 9A.

Please be aware of historical designation: JCPENNEY Memorial Blvd (SR16) Also, RE: SR16 through the town of Penney Farms. NOT TO BE WIDENED AT ANY TIME. Gov. Jeb Bush was apprised by me, historian of Town of Penney Farms @ Florida Heritage Gala 2004 and got us that designation by me Historian of Town of Penney Farms

FDOT has done a good job on informing the public on this project. It is now time to pick a route and get started.

Too close to my home. Brown/Pink/No Build

Simply put, if "the bridge" is not built south of Green Cove Springs, the state will have to build one shortly after to the south, therefore, double the cost.

I'm all for it and hope they can speed it up. Im' totally against Tolls!!

An improvement to the pink corridor is to add an additional leg in St. Johns County as indicated on the brown corridor to 9B. The best alternative is to connect to I-95 and 9B. The southern corridor is the best for a road to be built in 10-20 years. It is too late to build the northern alternatives (purple and black).†

Issue: Direct Access to I-95 for Clay County

We need both!! Pink first, purple second†

With the proposed project, even though it may be 20 years before it starts, we have concerns that potential buyers will be reluctant to consider let alone purchase property that will be either "acquired" or have the value greatly diminished due to the close proximity of the project.

Excellent format - self paced displays along with formal presentation made for an easy to understand and relaxed atmosphere.

Well prepared people - All presenters knew their subjects, were willing to answer all questions and were friendly. Issue: Real Estate Acquisition/Property Values

By going more south you won't interrupt family living already developed - a bypass usually surrounds existing development not run thru them. Also, a more southern route would benefit people from the south to serve as evac route for hurricanes and by going from the south you can involve 4 counties (Duval, Clay, St. Johns and Putnam) instead of 3 and maybe make it a more feasible project for all.

Issue: Needs to be a bit south of Shands Bridge

I just moved into a brand new house last week. Your black or purple routes will completely destroy the value of my house as I will be the first house next to the interchange. My next door neighbors house will be bought by you. I am almost 65 and every cent I have is in this house. It would be one thing if you bought my house but mine is the one you will not be buying and no one else will want to either. Why didn't SEDA (my builder) disclose this proposed River Crossing plan last March/April when I contracted to build a house? I certainly don't favor the black or the purple routes.††††††††††††† Issue: My brand new house in 5 oaks subdivision

After attending the workshop with William Fruth I am even more convinced that the current proposed routes are inner highways and will not bring industry deeper into the county. It will only serve local commuters to go to work in Duval Co. To be used as an evacuation route it should take people away from already utilized routes or the congestion will still exist. It needs to go further west to separate the evac routes more. Truckers I have spoken to say they probably won't use it. 1) If it is a toll road they won't utilize it due to the amount of funds allotted to them for this expense 2) The proximity and length of the road to the existing highways is not enough to a difference to make it worth the switch to the alternate route.

The lands being offered by Clay Co. land owners as donations if the route shifts west and south should be considered as a huge factor in the final decision. I don't understand why donated land is not a consideration.

The last issue I have is the disruption to existing neighborhoods especially in Lake Asbury, some of which are brand new. We allowed Clay Co. to become a bedroom community and now we are going to punish many who took advantage of that and moved their families here. There are new environmentally-friendly highways that could be considered in order to shift the corridor west, as far west as possible. Please include me on mailing list. Issue: Outer Beltway VS. Inner Highway

The original power line route.

Clay County is in despearate need of economic development. We need to bring big businesses to Caly County in order to keep our citizens here to work in order to increase our tax base. In order to accomplish this, the beltway must run as far west and south as possible. We also need a true evacuation route and the northern corridors will not accomplish this. If they take a beltway as far west and south - 80% of the land will be donated. This effects the least amount of homes. A northern corridor will do nothing for our county- all that will be is an inner city corridor - not a true beltway. Issue: True outer beltway

Why was a private group (CCSD) allowed to set up with FDOT. It looks like FDOT is endorsing this! Thank you for your h elp in keeping this out of a conservation area (Black Creek Ravines conservation Area).

Penny Farms FL

At age 84, and living in Los Angeles for 20 years ('58 - '78) I have seen the high cost of waiting to buy property, and the impact on air from waiting for cars to move. We need this even though so much has yet to be to convince people the extreme need of this corridor. How about connecting "pink to 95 with purple route."

The black-popo point corridor because it is needed in order to serve the current population centers in both Clay and St Johns Counties. This subject has been studies since 1978 when I served on a Florida DOT committee which had representatives from Duval-Clay-and Cecil Field. It was studied again in 1985. NOW is the time to build this road!! Stop studying and GET ON WITH IT!! Now is the time to start on the next roadway that will be needed in 10 to 20 years soth of Green Cove Springs and North of Palatka. How about starting on that now - outline the proposed corridor - so that all property owners and governmental entities can plan land use accordingly.

All four proposed roads cut across our property that has been family for over 50 years. This land is still used for farming. DO NOT bring the city to our country lives. That is the purpose for so many that have moved to this area. Save the land and stop development. Move the road to an area that is not going to be effected so much. You have put this road on our property because you have let developers develop Lake Asbury. Don't make us suffer for your mistakes.

For traffic alleviation - the black or purple corridors. Or no build

Wish DOT would have followed through with this as proposed 15+ years ago. Too expensive and disruptive to so many communities now.

Taking my home! The Pink corridor is the only true beltway. Keep traffic south of already congested areas of Fleming Island.

I think the black corridor is best. The brown corridor is my alternate choice.

Issue: None! Let's get it down SOON!

I love this format for presenting information and educating the public. It was a great presentation. I feel much more knowledgeable of the project.

It seems stupid to build a bridge next to a bridge.

I support this project and have concerns about relocation.

I believe this road should move traffic not serve large individual landowners. We want to make sure the conservation area is preserved forever. Thank you for eliminating it as a possible route.

Pink or purple

Black and purple are best. The black extension to Route #95 will improve traffic flow. Bridges must go north of Shands to keep traffic congestion away from just one Bridge (Shands). We need to have more exits for evacuation.

Just get it done.

No new river impact at site of crossing would be desirable. Perimeter should be larger, not smaller.†

Issue: Existing Shands Bridge should be replaced as part of "super" bridge river crossing.

Very Well presented. Black corridor makes more sense/would allow commercial traffic to circumvent Duval County from US 10 South to US 95 while allowing commuting traffic to connect with Duval County.

Liked new meeting format> Mr. Henderson & video very informative. Bigger beltway better - using Atlanta beltway as example of under building, by time project completed PoPo Pt already dated.

Highly favor the brown corridor as first choice. Strongly suggest Pink corridor as 2nd choice. Strongly reject both purple and black corridors.

Anything that can be done to ease US17 from I95 to Green Cove Springs would be greatly appreciated.

Brown and pink routes will not disrupt the oldest residential community in Clay County. They also provide best access to outling areas for development and commerce. The general public will not drive south to go north.

When you spend my tax money, put it where the people need it. The people are here now. The only place to put crossing in north of Green Cove Springs. No matter where you put it will hurt someone.

There is continual growth going south from Orange Park - why not use Old Shands Bridge route.

To make the "least" impact on private homeowners.

Brown or pink would be best, providing a beltway as well as access to Hwy 16 military hwy for evacuation. This also would fit and augment commercial development and growth in the area. BELTWAY is needed.

Any additional roadways would be better served overall by going across Gustafson's land and below Reynolds Industrial Park Prefer Pink,Brown

As development/new construction will continue to be further south of the Duval County line, connection should be further south to be appropriate for the needs at the time of actual road and bridge construction. Shands location has almost forever been a crossing and should remain so.

Need to go with Shands Bridge

My name is ___________. Well, part of the comments that I want them to understand, that for those of us who live in Clay County, it is extremely imperative that we go as far south this way as we can. In fact, I wouldnít even mind if they switched it to here and came straight down 218 and over.

We need the economic development in this county, and weíre not going to get it until we have some kind of interstate connection or connector going to develop here; otherwise, all of the responsibility for financing this county is falling on the homeowners.

And I think that the Department of Transportation needs to get a bit of a vision here. Itís just like the mess that we had on 295 at 17, when they had to Ė they built the road with one exit off 295, coming over the bridge, and then they had to extend it to two.

So why donít we get a vision and start looking a little bit further down the road. I mean, Iíll probably be dead by the time they get around to doing this.

But if they wonít do this, at least stick with this to come into Ė this is an undeveloped area down here, and we can put industry, hopefully, down there. But, otherwise, I think weíre banging our heads against the wall.

My name is __________. My recommendation is the Pink route. And itís to enhance economic development for Clay County. And I think thereís a clear distinction between do we want a connector of moving people from Clay County into Jacksonville for jobs, or do we want an outer beltway which would bring economic development. And I think itís the latter, that weíre really looking for an outer beltway and not a transportation connector.

And the Purple and the Black route go through a significant amount of planned development, which I think will prove to be much more costly than the current estimates by the time the bridge is built.

And thatís it.

My name is __________, and Iím a resident of Clay County. And, first of all, I want to say that this particular presentation has been very, very helpful. We were given an overview of all of the routes, the reasoning behind the routes, and, hence, we could get the big picture and not just a picture of what was going on in our little part of the world.

When I travel U.S. 17 daily, at 7:15 in the morning,and it takes me anywhere between 20 and 25 minutes to go from the intersection of U.S. 17 and State Road 210 to the other side of theDoctorís Inlet Bridge. I think itís reasonably obvious that we have a real problem with access.

Given the fact that there are a number of large planned communities that will be coming up in the Fleming Island area between Margaret Ė the present Margaretís Walk and 220 on the right, multifamily dwellings at that, and another large community that is going to be added to the Magnolia Point community and another one that will be developed in what is now the old Wrightís Dairy property, again, all of this population is north of State Route 16 and concentrated that way.

When you think about the fact that these people will be working towards the Jacksonville area, which is where most of the industry is, it seems to make sense that you would not want these people to have to go south and then around to connect with 90B and/or 95 north.

These people, and all of us, would be far better served if we had another crossing of the river north of Green Cove so that you would then have the Shands Bridge, the new crossing, and the Buckman Bridge all serving this area of population that is trying to go north every day.

I personally favor the Black route, because not only do you end up with access from our neck of the woods to 9B, but you also end up with access to 95. So this would help our traffic situation just on an everyday basis.

Plus the fact, if we think about whatís been happening to our state this hurricane season, having two large corridors servicing a fairly large populous to the east of the St. Johns River, it would allow those folks to be able to come across the river and also continue their route away from the ocean on a four-to-six-land highway as opposed to a two-land road. And that wonít do.

I am also concerned by the fact that certain large landowners seem to have a lot of input into the folks in Tallahassee making decisions.

I understand that Clay County and St. Johns County both need to increase their tax base, and the way to do that is with industry. But when you consider the fact that the Reynolds Industrial Park is not fully utilized, another industrial park right off of U.S. 17, which is a divided four-lane highway, itís certainly underutilized.

These same landowners are now proposing an industrial park right off of a two-lane road, State Road 16, on both sides of State Road 16, in the area of the Ron Road developments and very, very close to Peterís Creek. And I donít understand how the zoning for this area could be allowed when the currently zoned areas for industrial development are terribly underutilized and have far better access than State Road 16 and U.S. 17.

So it becomes clear that a lot of the impetus to select the Brown and the Pink Corridors would certainly be advantageous for these industrial parks and far less advantageous for the populous that lives in the Green Cove area, the Fleming Island area, the Doctorís Lake and Fruit Cove areas.

And I hope that the people in Tallahassee are going to take not of this, because I would like to think that, in our system of government, the small guy that doesnít have the millions of dollars still counts for something and that the populationís safety and quality of life should count more than a landownerís desire to develop industrial property in an area that isnít needed at this point.

The corridors, either the Black or the Purple, are needed. Theyíre needed now. They were needed five years ago. This is where the population is. This is the population that has to sit in traffic for hours to get to their work. And itís just not Ė itís just not reasonable.†

Thank you.

We have an addendum. This is __________ again. I wanted to let you-all know that this type of forum was far less threatening than the last couple that we went to where they were led, basically, by the Clay County commissioners.

The people here tonight treated us like we were on an even playing field. They were here to give us information, to listen to what we have to say.

Their presentations were clear. You could understand the routes. And you didnít hear a bunch of gobble-de-goo about state regulation this and Ė what is the word I want Ė and proposal that and all of these legalese terms. Instead, what we got tonight was a very succinct explanation of how this whole process developed, the things that went into it and the consideration of the development of the corridors. And I believe that everybody here tonight got an idea of what was really going on all over North Florida and not just in their little segment of the world.

I feel like the people here were, again, non-threatening, open to what all of us had to say, didnít talk down to us and make us feel like we just were born under a rock somewhere.

It was excellent that we had an overall sort of overview of the whole process, and then we could come out and look at the corridors. There were enough state officials here that, when we had questions, they could answer our questions at every single point. And the state people were very well-informed.

And this is an excellent, excellent format for this kind of a presentation, and the state is to becommended.

Thank you.

My name is __________. On the right-of-way, one of the Ė one of the delegates there said that the size of the road, it could be shift Ė it might could be shifted either way. On my property, I would like it to be shifted to the west. That would leave less of my property over away from it.

And the property, itís __________. And itís north of 739B, my property is.

My name is __________ Weíre for Citizens to save the Black Creek Ravines Conservation Area. Weíve been working with Imran Ghani in regards to saving the conservation area in Middleburg, Ohio Ė in Middleburg, Florida. Iím from Ohio.

And I was very dismayed tonight to come in here and find that the opposition over there, the Citizens for Sound Development, had a booth here. We were not informed that they had a booth here.

This is an FDOT public meeting, and I feel that it is inappropriate for them to be soliciting people when we do not have the same opportunity. And I feel that we Ė if we had known they were going to be here, we would have been here as well to present the facts. But I feel itís a big conflict of interest for Clay County, let alone FDOT, to allow them to be at this meeting.

And I want that as public record. Iím just very sorry that they were here, and, frankly, it taints the process.

Thank you.

My name is __________. First of all, Iím really happy theyíre doing this. I think itís very much needed and far behind as far as the traffic situation. I used to work over in Duval County, and coming back to Green Cove, it was a nightmare using the Buckman. You would try to come Shands, and it was really bad.

And this particular, the Purple, will be right by our house, so weíll hear the noise, but it would be great for several reasons if it came right there. So I really think theyíre looking at thatís the best scenario. Anyway, I think, all in all, it would be good.

And if it has to be a toll to get it, especially if the Purple Ė I wouldnít even mind the Black, because I think the Black is going to be excellent to go up 95. Actually, Black versus Purple. And they run right together. But Iím really thrilled about it and am looking forward to it. I hope Iím alive long enough to get to enjoy it.

Thank you.

My name is __________. This is really the big Ė the first time that Iím hearing about this information, about this project. I moved down here in July. And the Black and Purple go right through my neighborhood.

And Iím a bit frustrated with the whole situation and sort of not really clear on as to why they would build a Purple or Black corridor when they know that all development is moving south, anyway, towards Ė I guess itís Palatka thatís down that way. Why you would bring all traffic north when theyíve already started that, in the presentation, that the traffic was an F scenario, which is a bottleneck, I guess, so to speak, from Fleming Island in north.

The Pink Corridor, it would be only the best one, because thatís a true outer beltway. It encompasses it all. It directs right to 95, where youíre able to then access all major points. It allows you to continue to use the Shands for the local traffic as they build this thing. I just think that that Ė it also is less impact on the amount of residents in the area.

You know, the Pink Corridor goes through the industrial park. Itís an industrial park. Itís not peopleís livelihoods, itís not their homes.

So, I just think that they need to really look again at the Pink Corridor and disregard the Purple and Black Corridors based on even their numbers that they gave us on the charts. Itís the less parcels and the less lives impacted based on that.

Thank you.

My name is __________. And let me tell you my tale of woe. I moved into my new house last week. My new house that I just moved into last week is the very first house next to the swath that theyíre showing for either the Purple or the Black. Theyíre going to buy my neighborís house; they will not be buying my house, if itís the Purple or the Black route that are chosen, all right?

This house Ė Iíll be 65 in May. This house is something that every cent I own is in this house. If itís either the Black or the Purple routes, my house is going to be worthless. I wonít be able to sell it to anybody. And so I really, really, really, really am not in favor of the Black or Purple routes.

And I am dumbfounded that there isnít some law that would have made my builder tell me about this, because this has been in the works for a long time. He certainly knew a road was coming through there. Why was he not required to disclose this when I bought my house last march and April? Iím just horrified.

I need to find some sort of legal person that would know why the builder was not required to disclose this.

Thank you.

My name is __________. Well, Iíve observed this area developing since 1969, including the building of the Buckman Bridge. And the way things have developed over this period of time, Iím convinced that the best routes would be either the Brown or the Pink, because it would give us the beltway, which I think we badly need.

And it also would give us access to the military highway by Camp Blanding, Highway 16, which would help the evacuations. And then, in addition to that, it would fit in with and augment the commercial development thatís already started in the area and moving right along.

So I know, even though it would be a little more expensive in the long run, I donít think it would. I think it would save money over a period of years. And this would require building a new bridge by the Shands Bridge, and I think thatís needed.

So the Brown or Pink routes definitely are preferable.

Needed to keep up with our economy

My name is __________. My comment is that I feel that the only feasible route would be the Purple Corridor, because we need additional bridges to cross the St. Johns River. And this would also free up the Shands Bridge for local use.

My only concern is, going through the Purple Corridor, how many residents are we going to have to displace? But that might be addressed at later meetings. And the Purple Corridor would appear to be the shortest route to get from one county to the other.

Thank you.

I'm __________, and I'm the planning consultant for the City of Green Cove Springs. And I think that the Pink Corridor is the best, because it has the better connection, direct connection to I-95. And it will help economic development in Clay County.

The only recommendation I would make is for an alternate plan buildout, because we don't probably have money to purchase -- to do any of this, is to kind of connect to the Pink Corridor with the leg in St. Johns County that's shown on the Brown, so that it would be like, give you two options in St. Johns County.

I think that the problem with the Purple and Black Corridor, they're north, and by the time this is constructed, there are the roadway that should have been built to today not ten or fifteen years from now. And both the Pink Corridor is more of a future road which will handle the traffic when it's built in ten or twenty years.

Every consideration should be given to donated ROW to reduce project cost

This is actually needed now-- so definitely needed in future when autos/population will be even greater

Too many people. You are too late. I suggest you delay this project for 50 years as very little of this will be of use in 2050. Good Luck

Request a copy of aerial overlays of pink corridor. Map sheets 5 & 6 from table set. Please mail.

The road solves no problems - but creates some . The purpose of the road has apparently changed from being a way to connect I-10 to I-95 through a perimeter road that would encourage commercial/industrial development and help keep real estate taxes reasonable. This road was designed (in my mind) by a "Blind dog in a butcher shop!"

1. The rapid development occurring on both sides of the river likely make the estimated number of relocations obsolete.

2. Construction costs will be significantly greater than estimated due to rapidly increasing property values, concrete, steel and asphalt costs.

3. If DOT is truly interested in reducing congestion why no cost/benefit of using the $2B as part of a mass transit system development whose life will extend well beyond the 20 or 30 years that these roads will before they become obsolete?

4. The omission of the old Shands Bridge alignment (modified pink) from consideration based solely on the basis of the abutments being "public park lands" seems odd given that no relocations would be required, acquisition would be easier, and the alignment would be straighter than currently proposed.

I would like to buy page 5 of the Black Plan

Prefer southern route. Green Cove Springs needs alternative to Hwy 17. Business area has high priced real estate. I have 150' high waterfront - value up to 1 mil.

Iím __________, and I live at __________f. And itís a very emotional thing for me because Iíve lived there for 53 years. My father built the home that I live in. And I just, you know, I love my neighbors, I love the area, and, for me, I just couldnít see myself living anywhere else.

I know we have to make choices; everybody is going to have to make a choice here. But I just love it out here, you know.

I want to vote for the Pink area. Thatís over there near the bridge, the old bridge. I just think that maybe it wouldnít be packed with as many people.

I mean, weíve been waiting a long time to get an answer to this. And I wish that answer would have come tonight, because it makes us very anxious. And, actually, no one really wants to leave their home. But somebody is going to have to give up their home for progress, and I just hope that itís not me.

Thatís it.

I'm from Penny Farms Retirement Community. I'm very concerned that we need it. I lived for 20 years in Los Angeles and watched the mess that developed there because there wasn't any planning.

I lived in the city of Detroit, and when I returned I saw the mess that was made downgrade because of lack of planning.

This is so important for us in our retirement. Right now we have to fight to get to shopping and stuff on Blanding, or we have to fight the corridor on 17.

If we had a bridge in between the two bridges, we wouldn't have to fight anybody. We need it badly.

The biggest concern for us, because it is all this -- all the hurricanes and everything, evacuation route, we would -- we would be isolated. There's no way that we could get out of our area.

So for safety sake is my concern, let's get that corridor, do what we need to do to get that corridor.

What I want known is that there is no commercial property or vacant property left north of Green Cove Springs, so if the Purple Corridor goes through north of Green Cove, you are taking the last of any property north. Does that make sense?

There's nowhere to relocate us. We have mini-warehouses, __________, north of Green Cove, and there's nowhere to relocate us north of Green Cove because there's no property left.

That's it. Thank you.

It appears to me that the Pink would have less social impact as opposed to the Purple. The Purple has a little bit of savings in money, granted, but the Pink would also bring it further down south where future growth is planned and would be better in the loop.

My comments are: I think this is a very good idea to have these meetings. I just hope that it doesn't get swept under the carpet. In other words, it should be in the newspapers more often, as well as television and radio, local, so that we would have constant updates of what is going on, what are the changes, what are the new additions, deletions, and things like that.

Also environment is a big factor. I am a big environmentalist, and I'd like very much to make sure that we take the conservation lands and the wetlands and any other environmental issues into consideration, and cost factor.

Thank you very much.

My name is __________. We're part of a family that owns a lot of land in the Lake Asbury area near Henley Road and Sandridge Road.

My concern is that on the Pink and the Brown Corridors, they do not show an interchange at College Drive. And I think without having more interchanges, you're going to create a lot of detrimental impact on some of the proposed development in that area, mainly because it's going to create more pressure on the local roads to weave and wind around the beltway, because the beltway does form kind of a barrier to that area.

Secondly, the beltway needs to have proper crossings over some of these minor roads to allow traffic planned for that area. And even at College Drive, there's got to be a way to allow some way of having proper interconnectivity between College Drive and the rest of that area.

So, anyway, I think we need an interchange on the Pink and Brown Corridors at College Drive and the beltway to really facilitate traffic in the local road network.

I believe that the Black Corridor is the wisest choice because it will carry the most cars and it will alleviate traffic not only on the Buckman Bridge, but also on I-295.

And although it will dislocate more people than some of the other routes and I truly sympathize with them, it comes down to, from my perspective, of how many people do you have to accommodate, 99 individuals and 35 businesses, or 50,000 people who are driving cars?

And I feel like the 50,000 that would drive this route on a daily basis by the time it's built have to outweigh the less than 200. I think that is just the only way we can look at it. Unfortunately, that puts me in a severe minority position. That's my belief.

Thank you very much.

I've lived in this area all my 83 years. I think that the DOT has done an outstanding job of planning this project, and it is now time to get it down.

My favorite is the Black route. However, I would make one change. From Green Briar Road and give us access from 16 because of Camp Blanding. We're going to get government help on this, we better have some consideration for Camp Blanding traffic, especially for hurricanes.

Right now, if we had a hurricane, as they try to get south, look at the route they have to take to get to 95.

So I love the Black route, go for it. We like it very much, but please give us access from 16 to 95.

Thank you.

I'm just thinking that they excluded the route from going through the Black Creek conservation area. That's it.

"I am here today on behalf of Clay Citizens for Sound Development. We are a group of over 1,000 concerned citizens who formed in April of 2004 as a direct result of your public meeting at Clay High School in which you unveiled five new proposed routes for Clay County's long awaited outer beltway.

Our mission is to have an organized and unified public voice to assist and influence our state and local officials to make sound and prudent decisions as they plan for and deal with the growth of Clay County.

The most important issue pertaining to Clay County's future growth is the placement of State Road 23. We can have a true outer beltway or we can have an inter-county connector road.

Recent economic studies show that over 60 percent of Clay County residents must commute outside this county for employment, and we have one of the longest distances in the state at 67 miles roundtrip. The average annual salary of the citizen, who is employed within our boundaries, is less than $26,000.

We are seeing a tremendous surge in our housing market, yet we have failed to set aside large tracks of property suitable for commercial development. We must create opportunities to attract clean industry and corporations that will provide higher paying jobs. We must increase our tax base, and to do this we need accessibility and room for growth. A true beltway in a most southerly/westerly position is our only chance.

The FDOT has now selected four routes to proceed into the PD&E study. None resemble a beltway.

Over the last 18 months, I have had numerous conversations with county officials, state officials and state agencies concerning the 4F guidelines and environmental impacts regarding the power line route which lies within the Ravines Conservation area.

However, in light of recent events, it is becoming apparent that Clay County is the only county that is required to abide by these guidelines. The Freedom Commerce Center, St. Johns County's proposed 312 bypass and the Wekiva Parkway are all perfect examples of this.

We are all aware of a special interest group which is opposed to this route. However, we believe it is vital that you are aware of the county's wide support for this power line route. In addition to CCSD, the cities of Green Cove Springs and Keystone Heights have passedresolutions in support of the power line route. The town of Penny Farms has passed a resolution in support of the most southerly/westerly route. And the Chamber of Commerce has also issued a statement in support of the same.

All the citizens of Clay County deserve a healthy economic future. A true beltway gives us the best possible opportunity. We need your help in doing what is best for all citizens of this county.

The power line route would directly connect I-10 to I-95. It will alleviate congestion on U.S. 17 and State Road 21. It will provide better access to Camp Blanding. It will serve as a true hurricane evacuation route, and will benefit the entire North Florida region.

If we allow special interest to hold this corridor hostage, all we will have accomplished is the preservation of a 400-foot wide high voltage power line easement."

I just talked to a couple of people for the different colors. I would like to see the Purple one going through. First of all, we need another bridge in this place.

I'm driving constantly with my job, and it's just a nightmare. It's actually a nightmare going through Clay County traffic. Another bridge to me would be the perfect solution.

That's pretty much what I wanted to say. I take my daughter to school every day to downtown, it's an hour and a half in the morning, you know. And between the two conceptions and everything, it will be much cheaper to have another road. I don't know how long it will take, but -- that's my comment.

__________ I think that the main concern I have is that the -- any northern route north of Green Cove Springs is only going to complicate traffic through Green Cove Springs. A southern route to -- on this Shands Bridge is the best thing for the City of Green Cove Springs.

That's basically all I have to say. And thank you very much.

On the comment, I just wrote "Use the Shands Bridge under any circumstances, not the north approach."

But I also put the Pink preference with a tie-in to I-95, as in the Brown. I think you need both because of the development. St. Johns County's going that way, too.

That's it. Thank you.

I'm for the Pink Corridor, because, not this one, but these will destroy my home.

My name is __________. I live in Lake Asbury. I've lived in this community for 35 years and used the roads extensively, because I'm one of those people that worked in Jacksonville.

I see some things in the presentation that I just saw that I think need to be taken into consideration. This is supposedly a very long project, ten to twenty years. They advocate that 120 to 180 percent increase in population, and they're talking about a four-lane road. It needs to be six lanes now while you're planning it.

They also need to consider the fact that the current exits and the entrances in the Clay County from 295 are all having to be rebuilt because traffic is backing up on the expressways. They need to consider making the exits from the new expressway wider than what they generally build today.

The other thing -- let me see. My other comments are about the Shands Bridge. The Shands Bridge is the oldest bridge in this area, including Duval County bridges. It needs to be torn down or get rid of the draw bridge effect in the center and make it tall enough to meet today's coast guard's standards to allow ships to be able to go underneath it without stopping. They need to do everything they can to help anyone in this area with their industrial employers. And Palatka has already had to eliminate an industry because the ships can't get under that bridge.

The bridge is also crumbling. So to leave it there for local traffic, it's 40 years old now. It will be 60 years old when this happens. It really needs to be rebuilt.

The Black Corridor, which I'm not sure if I'm calling it that correctly, but the one that goes south and the one that goes to the Shands Bridge area, they're going through the Reynolds Industrial Park, which used to be the military submarine base. They need to put in plenty of money for environmental clean up.

My father was around during those times, and I've heard some tails. So they need to be aware, and they need to look for them. That, I believe, are the three main things that I had on my mind that I would really like them to take into consideration. It's not that far down the road.

My name is __________. I live in Clay County. And the only statement I'd like to make is to show support for the route that goes to -- either of the routes that goes to Shands Bridge. I think it's extremely important for Clay County, from the standpoint of economic development, that of course everyone, including Clay County, knows that that's extremely important for the future of the county.

The northern route, we think it's just a route that will move people. It won't do much for commerce and for the future of the county. So we support the Shands Bridge for the southern corridor, either the Pink or the Brown. But basically they're the same in Clay County. So the Pink or the Brown route we support.

That's it. Thank you.

__________. I'm very much in favor of construction of a -- of this what I call the outer beltway around Jacksonville. I wish it would be there right now. It would have helped to develop the city faster.

I'm sure if it would be there much as I believe coming from the north where we used to live for many years, as I believe as I said, that the city would have very likely built a lot faster and better in the past if the roadways would have been there.

In other areas of the country, you have much more in the way of major highways, and these areas have developed better because of that. In the days of Jacksonville traffic, it is murderous. And the absence of major highways in many areas has been, in my opinion, very detrimental to the development of the whole area.

In many cases trying to traverse the City in different directions, can take endless periods of time because of all these traffic lights and as I said, lack of highways. It's just bad.

Thank you.

My name is __________. I live on Byron Road. Undoubtedly you've heard of Byron Road. In fact -- well anyway, the road has really changed from what it was originally thought of as a way to get from I-10 to I-95.

Talking to a gentleman over here he said: Oh, no, we're not thinking of that anymore. It's a way to move the people in the residents' homes, you know, around.

I said: So in other words, we're going to have a four-lane toll street?

Well, I guess you could call it that, he said.

I said: You, know this road does not solve a problem that we have in Clay County, which is needing more commercial and industrial development, particularly in the southern and westerly part of Clay County. It doesn't solve any of that. It winds through neighborhoods, school yards, and it doesn't promote commercial development.

It goes through some beautiful property, overall, the St. Johns River. I mean, as I told someone, to me it looks like a road designed by a blind dog in a butcher shop. Because it just -- it doesn't solve issues; it creates them. And we need something.

There are ways to do it, to take Brannon Field and Chaffee and go south and west with it. There is a lot of vacant -- once you get past Middleburg High School, there's a lot of vacant land -- you know what I'm saying -- not covered up by residential development areas. That would be prime commercial development. And with commercial development and businesses, it would keep our taxes, our real estate taxes we can afford tostay in them.

And it will also serve as a corridor to leave Clay County should there be an emergency. It would help Camp Blanding do that. I can think of a lot of pluses and no negatives.†

But to run it through neighborhoods and through some absolutely pristine waterfront -- if you look at where that road at the end of Brannon Field/Chaffee where it comes down and turns and runs parallel to Black Creek, it is incredible, beautiful property. It's going to be ruined. It will cut off access to Black Creek in that area. I just can't believe that somebody would design it that way.

Now, I understand the problems with 4F property, which is where the power lines are. Originally, a road was intended to go that way. St. Johns River Water Management District bought the property. Told Clay County no problem putting roads through it, and then a few years later changed their mind and made it a 4F property, which means no road through it.

With that DOT and everybody started scrambling, where can we put it now? And that's how it ended up going like it's going.

And there are ways to do it, even if I don't put it through that property. But initially, we were told this was the way to connect I-10 to I-95, both going south and going north. They envisioned a lot of trucks using it, and they envisioned commercial developments. That's all gone.

Now I'm being told that this is a way to move people who live in the area around, how to get them to Jacksonville, how to get them to St. Augustine. It doesn't solve the issue, maybe for a few people who live along in there. But I think if they will ultimately find that their projected figures for the use of it are way overstated, way overstated.

And when -- it will have to be toll road, and when the turnpike authority begins to look at it in a business matter where can we put this road to get the most money from it, I think they'll run it where they've got it planned.

Thank you.

__________, Green Cove Springs City

Council in regular session on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005, reaffirmed Green Cove Springs' Resolution R-17-2004 regarding the routing of the outer beltway.

This resolution favors the westerly and most southerly route for the outer beltway in Clay County.

The resolution reads as follows:

"Whereas, the Florida Department of Transportation is conducting the St. Johns River Crossing study and has proposed five potential corridors for the crossing of the St. Johns River and

Whereas, the Florida Department of Transportation has requested input from the public on the proposed corridors, and whereas, the location of the corridor has a direct impact on the economic growth and viability of Green Cove Springs in Clay County and

Whereas, it is desirable for the crossing to provide a direct connect to Interstate 95 and

Whereas, it is desirable to impact the least number of residents in the area as possible and

Whereas, a major impact to the Bayard Conservation area would be more desirable than impacting residential property and

Whereas, an alignment along the power easement in Clay County would have less impact at on the residents in the Lake Asbury than any of the routes proposed by FDOT and

Whereas, it is desirable for economic development of Clay County to have connection between I-10 and I-95 and

Whereas, a minor impact to the Bayard Conversation area would be more desirable than impacting the residential property.

Be it now resolved by the City of Green Cove Springs as follows:

The Pink Corridor, as proposed by the FDOT, should be the recommended corridor for the St. Johns River Crossing, with the alignment modified to minimize the impact of the residents and taking of their homes and impact the Bayard Conservation area and modify to follow the most westerly and southerly route in Clay County, along the electric power line.

This alignment would provide the direct connection between Interstate 95 and Interstate 10, which would provide economic growth of the City and will have a positive benefit to the residents of Green Cove Springs in Clay County.

Done and resolved by the city council of Green Cove Springs, Florida, in regular session the 3rd day of August 2004. City of Green Cove Springs, Matthew Tiney.

The Green Cove Springs City Council urges the Florida Department of Transportation to make this a top priority project and to expedite the construction of the outer beltway. This project is critical for safe and prompt hurricane evacuation as well as addressing the traffic congestion issues associated with the rapid population growth in Green Cove Springs in Clay County.

Thank you.

__________ I liked the presentation, but I was sitting in the back and I had a hard time reading even with my glasses. Okay. But I did come out and look at all the maps. I prefer the Black road, and I'll tell you why. We desperately need a bridge between the Buckman and Shands. Right now we need it desperately. Shands Bridge is old. We will get a new Shands Bridge sometime. And I figure we're killing a couple of birds with one stone. We'll get to Shands eventually, but we will have a new bridge going across the St. Johns, which is going to have to happen. And that's why I'm for the Black.

The other two bridges, the Pink and the Brown, I'll tell you this, I live off County Road 220. I would never use them, unless I'm going down to Miami or Daytona. I would never use them to go to Jacksonville, because they're way out of the way. I would be the one that helps all the traffic going across the Buckman and 95 and 295. And that's why I pick the Black.

And I think that's about it. Everybody has been very helpful. I enjoyed the maps tremendously and the display you have. This is the first time I've ever been to a Florida State presentation.

I do have one thing to add to this. I want to thank them for not taking the Ravines Conservation area, because I did Ė was one of them that fought hard that they didn't put the roads through the ravines.

That's it. Thank you.

Put a bridge in between the Shands and Buckman Bridges. If either one of these bridges are taken out by storms, barge collisions, or other catastrophes, it will be between 14-40 miles to another bridge to cross. In addition, the above bridge routes will handle more traffic, hence getting more use of your tax dollars. Thanks

What I have to say -- I'm not at this moment too well organized in my thinking, but I'm going to tell you why I think you should use this Black one here.

Okay. My wife and I have been residents of Orange Park since 1962, and of course we've seen a terrific upheaval in the whole area.

Now, in Orange Park itself we have a terrific traffic problem, and then below Orange Park you have very dense development.

Okay. A lot of those people in that area go across the river for employment purposes, and if you put the road in proximity to Shands Bridge, you've got to go through Green Cove Springs with the congestion and what have you. So the road -- the Black crossing would be much more appropriate.

Number two, all those people between Green Cove and Orange Park, most of them travel to Jacksonville every day. A lots of them use the Buckman Bridge, but Buckman Bridge is getting to its capacity real fast, and that will alleviate our traffic in Orange Park to a large degree.

But I guess what I'd say is that this route would give us a southern -- this Black route would also give us a southern way for us to go south on 95, which would be very appropriate. And that 9B part could be very appropriate, because lots of us commute to Mayo Clinic, 9B goes into 9A, and it's an ideal situation.

Whatever route it goes I pray you will pay above market value for the homes it's going to destroy.

I would like to have seen a reasonable time line on the planning, acquisition and construction.

We need this road sooner than later. A new bridge north of Shands is needed. Issue: Stay out of conservation lands

A very needed project. Any route is OK with me - the one that helps encourage economic development is best. To me - crossing at the Shands is a good idea.

Thank you for excluding the Black Creek Conservation in the routes proposed. Issue: Beltway and conservation

I prefer black however I am concerned about proposed development. Secondary to working out an attractive highway through that development, I would choose the pink.

Don't put road through Black Creek Ravines con. Area. Thank for all your hard work, your time, and concerns about this issue.

Road is needed to ease traffic and bring commercial and residential development.Issue: Traffic relief.

I prefer the realigned pink route. The pink route makes the most sense and the realigned route makes more sense. The north route causes more problems on 17.

Very good job on presentation.

The pink route provides the critical connection between I-95 and I-10 while providing for improved flow through Clay County. A route south of Green Cove Spraings will help the economic development of our county seat.

Issue: This corridor is needed NOW.

None of the proposed corridors directly help aleviate traffic concerns between Fleming Island and I-295.

The 20-year span is too long according to the way the traffic is increasing; the time span should be ten years. Issue: Heavy traffic increasing by the day

Keep the pink south of Green Cove.

I am extremely concerned about noise levels- it's bad now. Please have noise barriers.†

Issue: Noise Level

All of the other corridors go thru already congested areas, i.e., Greenbriar, northern St. Johns County area - the Shands area is also narrower and easier to cross river. Remember, 30 years ago, who would have thought there would be apartment complexes built alongside I-295 in Duval County? Issue: One day, Bardin Road or CR309D (Putnam County) being a feeder road to this

Start now - they all start about the same place Branan Field-Chaffee Road - START now. From here the 1st 5 miles are close to the same - start now - you have a good plan in place. Any of them will help.

Purple effect business.

Pink corridor is best for area.

I really feel the brown route would be a better choice - there is more open land with owners willing to sell!

Placing the bridge, proposed bridge and route, on the Pink Corridor and I believe it's the Brown Corridor -- excuse me -- yes, the Pink and the Brown -- does not make sense in any way, shape or form when you look at all the factors that's involved.

Talking with the State, the State's main priority is to put a bridge and a roadway that meets the transportation needs for the whole area.

The traffic flow going across a bridge placed at Popo Point would handle much more traffic than one further south.

But that's a minor point in itself when you look at what we just went through with these last two hurricanes, Katrina and Wilma, that the evacuation process of needing more bridges to cross the river, it does not make sense to put a bridge right where you already have a bridge.

There's 15 miles between the Buckman Bridge and the Shands Bridge. I have gone across the Shands Bridge numerous times, and when the bridge is shut down, it's 15 miles. You've got to go all the way back into Jacksonville or go 30 miles south to Palatka to cross on over to get back to get on the other side.

Why we don't put a bridge in between those two does not make sense. We need to have a bridge in between the Shands Bridge and the Buckman Bridge to handle all the disaster preparedness and evacuation needs, not only for this area, but for the needs in the areas of people coming in from the south.

Thank you.

75 to 10 to 301 to 215 thru or around Camp Blanding - St. Johns County at narrow point in river. Issue: Route

The pink and brown corriodrs provide too much of a loop. They even demonstrate it's length by having to take a 90 degree turn. Also, the pink and brown to not a crossing of the St. Johns at an additional location. The black corridor provides a new crossing of the St. Johns at a new location. These will provide a third crossing location of the St. Johns. The black corridor also offers a bypass for interstate travel going north on I-95 to west on I-10.

Wait and see, I think it is needed

Again, oppose purple corridor

Thanks for such a professional informative, exciting presentation. Finally, tax dollars put to GREAT use!

Any bridge crossing north will not provide beltway and will necessitate both crossings in the 20 year future. Build the beltway as far out as possible - any other route will waste money in the future. Green Cove Springs and Clay County will benefit the most from a route south of the city. The least impact on the public in general (on both sides of the river) has to be where a bridge already exists (Shands) and not through areas where no bridge exists.

If the route is any further north than the pink route all you do is encourage people to continue and propose added percentage of the population commuting from Clay to Duval - a pink route will enhance "outer beltway" concept will encourage greater economic development in South Clay and South St Johns - it allows better evacuation access for St Johns/Flagler. New Bridge should consider recreation (fishing) and bike path since there is no safe room on Shands Bridge. 20 years is too long to wait. Expanded use of Camp Blanding should be considered regarding time line.†

Issue: As an "outer beltway" route should be as far south as possible. Hence pink is best.

Your maps were detailed and very helpful. I appreciate your staff's willingness to frankly discuss all issues. Very helpful.

I worry about the overall impact to wildlife and the impact to individual homes taken for the highway.

Please continue to look at tolls for income. Those who use the roads should help pay!

Don't have corridor preference at this time. Very good job on presentation - like the new format.

Thank you for saving Ravines conservation area for future generations - we have so little land to enjoy wildlife. Worry about future development, environmental impacts - water - look at central and south Florida - problems with development.

Want a map of page 2 of all corridors.

Pink would solve Green Cove Springs traffic problem and better access to I-95 south. Good presentation.

There are many bald eagles nesting in the purple and black corridors.

Impacts my home with the purple corridor.

Issue: Concerned when the project will get voted on and which corridor will be chosen.

Green Cove Springs must be "inside the beltway."

Avoid destruction of any existing job creations Issue: Impacting existing businesses and jobs

Clay County's financial needs are borne by home owners. We need an interstate connection to spur development - this development will increase our/state-county's tax base.

Issue: Ecomonic development

Pink will help with industrial traffic and brown will help with souther clay commuting north to Jacksonville. If you just use brown routes, trucks heading north on I-95 will not take brown route and go 15 miles out of the way when 295 is only 10 more miles.

We are pleased that you have eliminated the Black Creek Ravines conservation as a potential route. It does not offer economic development for Clay County as the only differences between it and the purple/pink routes are 2 miles and 2 exits both of which would be rural acreage zoned 1 home per 20 acres!

Clay County needs to plan for controlled growth. Roads need to be built before home construction or overcrowing access. There is severe congestion now on Hwy 17 and 21 due to over growth.

Plan where most needed for evacuation.

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