Black Corridor


The Black Corridor begins at the proposed Branan Field-Chaffee Road / Blanding Blvd. interchange in Clay County and heads in a southeasterly direction towards Black Creek. After crossing Black Creek, the Black Corridor proceeds in a southeasterly direction towards Green Cove Springs and turns east towards the St. Johns River after crossing CR 315. Two local access interchanges would be provided in Clay County prior to crossing the St. Johns River.The first interchange would be located at a future planned highway in Clay County known as the College Drive extension. The College Drive extension begins at the intersection of Henley Road and CR 209 and extends directly south to SR 16, terminating just west of the Pier Station neighborhood. The interchange for this facility would be approximately mile north of CR 739B. The second interchange for the Black Corridor would be located at US 17 north of CR 315, servicing Green Cove Springs to the south and the Fleming Island area to the north.

The corridor continues east, crossing the St. Johns River at a location north of Green Cove Springs and proceeds directly east into St. Johns County. Upon entering St. Johns County, the corridor overpasses SR 13, north of Popo Point. The first segment of the Black Corridor heads northeasterly toward the proposed 9B extension. The first local access interchange in St. Johns County would be at Greenbriar Road, west of Roberts Road. 

The first segment of the corridor continues east, following an existing right-of-way reservation secured as part of the Durbin Crossing DRI. The final local access interchange for this Black Corridor segment would be located at the intersection of the proposed 9B extension and the CR 2209. 

The second segment of the Black Corridor continues east, paralleling Greenbriar Road to the south. The corridor then proceeds in a southeasterly direction, crossing CR 210 approximately south of the Greenbriar Road, CR 210 intersection. A local access interchange would be provided at CR 210. This segment of the Black Corridor continues southeasterly, crossing Trout Creek approximately 1 mile north of CR 16A. The corridor then turns east towards I-95, terminating approximately 3 miles south of CR 210 and 3 miles north of International Golf Parkway. A second local access interchange would be provided at the intersection with the proposed CR 2209 in St. Johns County.


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Black Corridor Map



*The corridor map is available for download in .pdf format on the documents page. 
















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